Style At Work - Dress Guidelines


Macy’s stands for America’s first choice for fashion and as a Macy’s employee, you are our best style ambassador. Whenever you come in contact with a customer you are a walking advertisement for yourself, the store, and the company. In this role you should take pride in your appearance while still expressing your unique, personal style.

"Well dressed" is more than just having on the appropriate clothes, it means being polished and well-groomed, as well as wearing clothes that stand out from the crowd so that you can be spotted at a distance. To sum it up, think: professional, neat, pulled-together, and stylish.

​For Women Selling Associates

*Also see MStyleLab, Impulse & Young Men’s exceptions


color ​Solid black or black with a thin single colored pinstripe pants
  • Can be any length (between your foot and just below your knee) so long as they are well-tailored and in good condition
  • When wearing pants of a shorter length (ex: capris, cropped pants, etc.) pay particular attention to accessories, such as shoes and belts that will dress up the more casual length
​too tight? ​Slim-cut pants that are not overly tight or revealing are permissible when styled with an appropriate top of a longer length
​leggings that work! ​Leggings are another stylish option, but should be worn under skirts, dresses, or long tunics that provide ample coverage and should not be worn on their own in lieu of pants
​color & type
  • ​Solid black (knits, blouses, or shirts) if worn alone
  • Colored tops should be worn with a third piece that is black, such as a cardigan sweater or tailored jacket, to give the overall appearance of a solid black look
  • A variety of patterns, colors, and styles can help showcase your individual style
​cut ​All tops should be of a modest cut; low cut tops that expose excessive skin are not professional
​sleeveless? ​Sleeveless tops are a great summertime choice  as long as they have a wide enough shoulder width so that the top could not be considered to have straps
​color ​ ​Should be all black, or black with a faint pinstripe ​

SAW_ALL_OTHERS_Chart_1_d.jpgPick your favorite hemline, but remember miniskirts that expose more than one half of your thigh, are not professional and not allowed. If you have any doubt whether your hemline is too short, you should wear black opaque tights to project a more modest, professional look.  And, of course, consider ​whether you’re job requires a lot of bending or running around – you’ll want to avoid too short or too long hemlines if they could interfere with job functions.

sleeveless? ​ ​Sleeveless tops are a great summertime choice  as long as they have a wide enough shoulder width so that the top could not be considered to have straps ​
a third piece​ You’re not required to wear a third piece, such as a jacket or sweater, when wearing a black top and black bottom, or when wearing an all-black dress.  But if you do wear a black third piece, you can then get creative with your style and choose a top of any color or pattern underneath (as long as it does not display any offensive logos or graphics).
shoes & hosiery​ Any colored dress shoes including heels, flats, open toe, sling back, high or low shaft dress boots, and mules are a great way to incorporate your personal style. Shoes that are designed specifically for casual wear, such as Birkenstocks, sneakers or beach flip-flops, are not a professional choice. Hosiery is optional, but opaque tights should be black in color to keep an all-black look.

​jewelry & accessories Jewelry and accessories should be complimentary and not distracting or detract from job functions.  Colored scarves are another fun option.
​undergarments ​Properly supportive undergarments are required and ensure a pulled together and professional look. Remember, if your clothes are ill fitting and you can see undergarment lines, you are not professionally styled. 

For Men Selling Associates

​* Also see MStyleLab, Impulse & Young Men’s exceptions



To be the best style ambassador, you should reflect the formality of the merchandise you are selling.


​suit & jacket ​To reflect the formality of the merchandise you are selling in these departments, you must wear either a black suit or solid black jacket with coordinating black pants. A thin single colored pinstripe that does not interfere with its overall black appearance is great too.
​dress shirt ​Choose any colored or patterned dress shirt under your jacket to add some sophistication.
​tie ​Select any color tie with a professional geometric, floral or similar-type pattern.
​shoes, etc. ​You should wear dark shoes, socks, and belts to finish your look.



​jacket optional ​You have the option of not wearing a jacket if you wear a long-sleeve black dress shirt, black dress pants, dark belt, dark shoes AND a tie of any color or pattern.  Jeans are not an acceptable choice.
​shirts & ties ​Ties are always the right professional choice and crew neck shirts or golf shirts are never permitted.
shoes, etc.​ ​You should wear dark shoes, socks, and belts to finish your look.

In MStyleLab & Impulse


Since these departments represent fast turning fashion trends you are encouraged to professionally reflect these great looks in the way you dress


denim​ Enjoy black or dark denim as part of representing a fashion trend if the denim is similar to what is sold at Macy’s and is dressy, with no fraying, tears, or excessive distressing/washes.
color​ ​You can choose colors other than black on top and without adding a third piece so long as they reflect a trend in the department.  Large disrupting logos or pictures of any type are not considered professional and should not be worn.
jackets & ties for men​ ​For men, jackets and ties are not required.  Men may wear black tops that are woven or knit, collared or un-collared.  Shirts may be un-tucked if they are specifically constructed to be worn as such.
​hemlines for women ​For women, hemlines may be slightly shorter than normal guidelines


For Support Associates


Since you have less customer interaction and your job often requires lifting and moving about, you should be comfortable in relaxed clacks and a black collared top.


pants Black or tan khaki, twill, or woven slacks.
shirts Black shirts with collars, such as polo-style shirts or collared sport shirts.
shoes & socks​ Dark casual shoes in good condition including dark color shoes with rubberized soles; coordinating dark socks; no sandals or open-toed shoes of any type. SAW_ALL_OTHERS_Chart_4_b.jpg

other​ ​Black leather belt, if desired. When appropriate, regulation Macy’s shirt, apron, vest, jacket, or smock. ​
for Dock / Receiving Associates only ​Black or dark denim jeans that are in good condition without tears or fraying.

Never Appropriate


To maintain a professional, neat, pulled-together, and stylish appearance, you should always avoid the items listed below. 


Excessive facial piercings, tattoos, and alternative hair colors that distract or offend customers (Clear or flesh toned spacers are allowed to fill piercings)
Camisoles and halter tops/dresses, strapless tops/dresses, and bare-back tops/dresses, unless a third piece, such as a jacket, is worn all day; low cut and revealing tops/dresses
Shorts for men or women​
Pants that fall off the hip or casual cargo pants of any kind​
Disrespectful or disruptively oversized logos; any kind of offensive language or imagery​
Leggings worn as pants, without the appropriate top, referenced above​
Clothing that is too tight, revealing, or unkempt
​Beach shoes, made of a rubberized material
Athletic attire, including stretch fabrics, jogging suits, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and tennis/gym shoes​
​Denim, with the exception of MStyle Lab, Impulse, Young Men’s, and Support Associates only
Garments that expose your midriff and excessively low cut pants​
Personal cell phones and beepers visible or in use while on the selling floor​
Gum chewing while on the selling floor​ ​



Any questions regarding exceptions to the STYLE AT WORK policy for religious and/or medical reasons should be directed to the Regional Human Resources Center or Central Human Resources. ​
religious​ You may qualify for a religious exception for articles such as hats and headwraps (for example: yarmulkes, turban, and veils) if required for religious observation.  Let us know your need and we will accommodate.​
​medical condition ​If you can provide documentation that you need an exception to this policy for medical conditions, such as approval to wear sneakers (clean and in good condition, of course!), we will do our best to accommodate.
transgender​ ​Transgender employees’ attire should be guided by the position they hold, i.e selling associate, support associate, and the gender in which they are presenting. Please let Human Resources know about your transition plan and we will do our best to help.
specific job classifications​ If you work in an area such as food service or security, you may be required to dress differently.  You’ll be told by your managers or HR representative as part of expectations.
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