Solicitation of Associates and Literature Distribution to Associates

Associates who are working should not be disturbed, interrupted or disrupted by solicitations or the distribution of non-Company-supported literature or activity on Company property.  This Policy applies to associates who are working and also to associates who are not working but are on Company premises.

Solicitation by Non-Associates

​Solicitation and the distribution of literature to associates or others by any person who is not employed by the Company, on Company property and throughout all Company-operated facilities including retail stores, offices and service/distribution centers, is prohibited at all times.  Non-associates who violate this Policy will be asked to leave the Company-operated facility.

Solicitation by Associates

Solicitation and the distribution of literature to associates by other associates is permitted on Company property and in Company-operated facilities when:

  • The associate doing the solicitation/distribution is not on working time, and
  • The associate receiving the solicitation/distribution is not on working time, and
  • The solicitation/distribution is not attempted:
    • in selling areas or in areas open to the public,
    • in a manner disruptive to customer service, or
    • to another associate who is on working time, and
  • The solicitation is welcome (i.e., the soliciting associate does not act in an offensive or threatening manner).

Access to Company Premises

  • ​Company premises are made available to Company associates and to non-associates who have a business reason to visit the premises.  To provide for the safety and welfare of associates and Company property, only authorized visitors, or business invitees, are permitted on Company premises.  Non-associates who do not have a business reason to be on Company premises are not permitted on the Company’s premises at any time.
  • If an unauthorized individual is observed on the Company’s premises, associates should immediately notify a member of the management team.  Unauthorized non-associates who come on Company property are prohibited at all times from soliciting and from distributing and posting literature.  Similarly, authorized visitors who come on Company property are also prohibited at all times from soliciting and from distributing and posting literature, unless the activity is specifically approved by a member of senior management (such as a Vice President or a store manager) or a Human Resources executive.


​The posting of materials on Company premises (whether or not the posting is in a working area) is covered by this policy.  The posting of materials on walls, corridors, halls, elevators, lobbies or other areas is prohibited unless such posting is approved by a member of senior management (such as a Vice President or a store manager) or a Human Resources representative.  Official bulletin boards are maintained in each Macy’s location and are often found in areas such as an employee lounge or the executive office.  Official bulletin boards are for use only by the senior management team and Human Resources.

Electronic Solicitation

​Solicitation conducted through Company systems (including email, LINK or company intranet) is covered by this Policy and is considered solicitation on Company property.


​Solicitation may be permitted in specific areas of the Company’s premises where food is served (such as a restaurant) if such solicitation is not disruptive to the Company’s customers or associates.  The lead executive on duty will determine whether the solicitation is disruptive.


​Violations of this policy by associates will be addressed pursuant to the Company’s Responsibility Based Performance Policy.  Associates with concerns regarding potential violations should take advantage of the Company’s open door policy by either:

  • Contacting a member of management,
  • Calling Solutions InSTORE, or
  • Bringing an anonymous tip to Compliance Connections.

Important to Know . . .

Exceptions to this Policy include:

  • Company-sponsored and/or Company-approved fund raising activities,
  • Other community benefit projects that are specifically authorized by the Company, and
  • Approved business-related vendor or Company events.

This Policy applies to all the Company’s locations and to solicitations/distributions for all purposes, including but not limited to fund raising activities not sponsored or approved by the Company, lotteries, raffles, political, religious, labor or fraternal organizations.


  • Solicitation includes, but is not limited to, asking for support, selling, seeking assistance for an issue or cause or seeking contributions that are unrelated to Company-sponsored programs (such as a United Way campaign) or Company-approved activities.  Examples of solicitation include Tupperware sales, Avon sales, Girl Scout cookie sales, school fundraisers, candy and wrapping paper sales, walk-a-thon sponsorship requests, ticket sales, catalog sales for clothing and sales for services or products such as baskets, dry cleaning and food items.
  • Company-approved activities are localized activities, often related to fund-raising, that are not sponsored by the Company.  In order for an activity to be considered “Company-approved,” the activity must be approved by a Vice President of Human Resources or Associate/Labor Relations.
  • Literature includes, but is not limited to, written materials such as fliers, letters brochures, memoranda and pamphlets of any kind or for any purpose that is not related to the Company, a Company-sponsored program or Company-approved activities.
  • Working time means the period of time scheduled for the performance of job duties, not including meal times, break times or other periods of time when associates would not be expected to engage in work-related duties.
  • Company premises are all Company-owned or Company-leased properties and include, but are not limited to, stores, distribution centers, call centers and central, region and district offices. Company premises include both working areas and non-working areas.
  • Working areas include all locations on Company premises where associates perform work. 
  • Non-working areas include, but are not limited to, employee lounges, break rooms, parking lots and locker rooms and are not considered to be working areas.
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