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eMAG Updates!The following Policies have been reformatted in the eMAG.  We will continue to include additional policies to provide you as much detailed information as we can...Read more


We’re here to help ensure your day-to-day experience is full of meaningful achievements and engaging encounters with co-workers and customers alike. At Macy’s you own your success, and we give you all the self-service tools you need to do just that. While we want you to explore the entire eMAG, we’ve distilled critical information into the tabs below.


About the eMAG

We want you to own your day-to-day experience here at Macy’s. That’s why we’ve created the eMAG as your 24/7 go-to resource for policy questions with lots of helpful information just a click away.
A few things you should know as you use this guide:

  • Easy does it! Our policies are all listed alphabetically under “Policies” in the left red bar. Another fast way to find the information you want is to use the enhanced search function tied to hundreds of key words.  We’ve also highlighted important topics in many policies, adding lots of expandable tabs throughout the guide.
  • If you can’t find an answer or need additional explanations on any policy, you can check out the “Whom to Call” tab below or reach out to your HR Representative.
  • Macy's reserves the right to change any policy or practice without prior notice. We suggest you periodically check the Hot Topics section to find out helpful new information you may need to know.
  • If the eMAG states or implies anything that is different from our Company policy, the official Company policy will provide the final answer on the subject.
  • The eMAG is not intended to be a contract between Macy’s and you. Macy’s maintains a strict policy of at-will employment (in all locations except as provided by law or written contract), and Macy’s reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the employment relationship or to terminate the relationship at will at any time, with or without cause or prior notice.
  • While most of our Associates throughout the Company enjoy the same benefits and policies as those indicated here, some of these may or may not differ for all Associates who are represented by a labor organization. If this is you, please contact your Human Resource Representative to review the policies and benefits that apply to your location.
  • Nothing in the eMAG, or the policies it incorporates, is intended, or will be applied, to prohibit Employees from exercising their rights protected under federal labor law, including concerted discussion of wages, hours or other terms and conditions of employment. This eMAG, or the policies it incorporates is intended to comply with all federal, state and local laws, including, but not limited to, the Federal Trade Commission Endorsement Guidelines and the National Labor Relations Act, and will not be applied or enforced in a manner that violates such laws.

Must Read!

Because we want you to be as successful as possible, it’s important that you clearly understand our expectations from the get-go.  It’s your responsibility to use the entire eMAG to guide your daily activities.  This section will give you some information on the things you need to read to get off to a great start, so read it carefully.  It will help you to avoid many of the behaviors that could lead to Responsibility Based Performance (RBP) coaching reminders and even to termination.

It’s up to you to take these rules seriously as a commitment to building your successful career at Macy's:
  • Be truthful, honest and straightforward on all documents, records or statements, including, but not limited to, time keeping records, commissions sales, receipts, coupons reports, applications, and contracts. (see Code of Conduct)
  • Don't ask for, approve, or work "off the clock." Off the clock work is never okay. (see Timekeeping, Meal and Rest Break Policy)
  • Follow all discount, markdown, and pricing policies/rules, as well as rules related to buying and returning merchandise at Macy's. (see Associate Discount Policy)
  • Come to work with a clear head. It’s unacceptable to use, sell, buy, possess, or be under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or controlled substances of any kind (except medications taken as prescribed), while you’re on or off Company property while working for Macy’s.
  • Cooperate with Company investigations and performance discussions as requested and provide honest, accurate and complete information.
  • Follow the letter and spirit of Company’s anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies, business ethics guidelines and insider trading policy, anti-trust guidelines, equal employment opportunity (including Macy’s policy prohibiting profiling), and code of business conduct.
  • Protect Company property. Dishonesty; stealing or giving away merchandise, including testers, salvage, samples, penny merchandise, promotional items like gifts given “with purchase” or Company property; unauthorized discounting; unauthorized extension of credit; embezzlement; credit card and identify theft are all strictly prohibited behaviors.
  • Avoid involvement with criminal activities of any kind. Engaging in illegal conduct, whether or not the conduct was committed on the Company’s premises, may make you unsuitable for employment with Macy’s.
  • Do not bring any weapons inside our offices, stores or distribution centers. Subject to state laws to the contrary, we expect our associates will leave all weapons of any kind at home.  Please see the Weapons at Work Policy for more information.
  • Always be respectful and professional. Don’t ever threaten, intimidate or fight with a customer, coworker, or third party.
  • Enter and exit the building through the employee designated doors and park in designated areas. Keep bags and handbags in appropriate areas and make them readily available for inspection, if requested.
  • Avoid "Restricted Areas."  If you don’t have clearance, or if you’re not sure, then don’t enter the area.
  • Do not buy or sell lottery, sweepstakes or number pool tickets, or engage in any gambling activities (an exception may apply to charitable events) while on Company premises.

Whom to Call

We encourage you to browse the eMAG to find the answers to your questions…but if you are still unclear or have any additional questions, ask your supervisor or a Human Resources representative.

You can also use the resources below to get the help you need:

HR Services
Associate benefits questions 1-800-234-MACY (6229)

Employee Connection
Employee Connection is an online resource that provides links and information about special offers, recognition, community and cause marketing programs, Company news, emergency notification and much more.

Solutions InSTORE
Solutions InSTORE is our early dispute resolution process, available to eligible associates across the Company. It’s designed to address and resolve workplace disputes quickly, efficiently and in a fair and confidential manner. Solutions InSTORE operates free of retaliation - you can count on it. To learn more, talk with your manager or contact us toll free at 866-285-6689, or

Emergency Hotline
You can use the emergency hotline during an emergency to determine whether the emergency has impacted the normal operation of your work location. You can get information on the status of a specific location, leave a message for another associate or family member in the case of emergency, and obtain policy and travel information by calling 1-877-463-6337.

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