Macy's Money

As associates, you may receive Macy’s Money as a bonus or incentive, or as part of a recognition program. It’s one of the great perks you have for working at Macy’s! Customers may receive it as an accommodation.  Macy's Money is a special type of coupon that comes in various dollar-off amounts.


Associates and Customers can use Macy’s Money in conjunction with coupons and other discounts.


As associates, it is your responsibility to make sure Macy’s Money is used appropriately, either for your own purchases or for purchases made by your customers.  In particular, keep in mind that Macy’s Money is non-transferable, cannot be used multiple times, and cannot be applied toward account balances, Gift Cards or services. Associates must adhere to all terms and conditions printed on Macy's Money when they are using or accepting Macy's Money.  Macy's Money has no cash value. 


If you are a store associate, you'll learn more about the Macy's Money POS ringing procedure during your training. Because Macy’s Money is a type of coupon it is not processed as cash tender. If your job duties require you to distribute Macy's Money, you'll want to know that Macy's Money is intended for use only in the following programs:

            Customer Accommodations

            Credit STIMS

            Thanks for Sharing

            Loss Prevention Awards

            Weekly Recognition Drawings

            Scorecard Recognition Drawings

            Support Associate Recognition Drawings