At Macy’s, we maintain strict confidentiality for our current and former associates.  As a result, Macy’s employees don’t provide job references.  To respond to such requests, we have contracted with a company called “The Work Number” who verifies basic employment information.  Requests for personal references (whether by phone or in person) cannot be accommodated, and all associates should refer the requesting party to “The Work Number” for basic employment information. 

Testimonials on Social Networking sites:

At Macy’s we recognize that certain social networking sites provide the opportunity to give testimonials. We do not view these as references because they are personal comments. If, however, you have included your connection to Macy’s in your profile, please adhere to the following guidelines before providing any testimonials that speak to your relationships with any current or former Macy’s employee:


a. Make sure any statements are accurate and truthful

b. Make it clear that you are expressing your own personal opinion, and not the opinion or position of the Company

c. Use a disclaimer such as “I do not speak on behalf of Macy’s; however, in my personal opinion…”

c. Do not feel obligated to provide any comments or testimonials if you are uncomfortable or do not know what to say. It is ok to say “no” or be silent.