Customers First

When we say customers come first, it means knowing and understanding their diverse lifestyles and priorities from the merchandise they want to the service and treatment they deserve.  People know what to expect when they come to Macy’s: affordable luxury, outstanding service, an attractive shopping environment, and a sense of compassion.  With the customer as your first priority, you’ll help us meet and exceed those expectations.

Make a customer happy and you’ll make a customer loyal.  No matter what your role, our brand values and attributes all support connecting with our customer and understanding that it’s Customers First.


It always pays to listen.   

Here’s what Macy’s customers say they like.


• Easy-to-shop, clean, wide aisles.

• Friendly associates who are available to answer questions.

• Edited choices and value.

• Efficient checkout.   



MAGIC Selling Commitment

We listen to our customers and gather feedback through a variety of avenues.  These avenues include a vast email database and we reach out out customers to find out what they like, as well as what they would like us to change out our stores, our assortments, and their overall impression o Macy's.  We also have customer logs at each wrap stand so you can record items that customers request that may not currently be available on  you floor.  The basics of Macy's MAGIC Selling standards include the following behaviors:

  • Meet and Make a Connection - Seek out customers and tailor your greeting accordingly
  • Ask questions and Listen - Assess the customer's needs by asking questions to understand
  • Give Options, Give Advice - Give the customers appropriate advice an drecommendations based on their need
  • Inspire to Buy and Sell More - Finalize or close the purchase by summarizing the conversations and add on as appropriate
  • Celebrate the Purchase - Creating a positive and lasting impression of Macy's and the purchase with your customer

These are our minimum expectations for interacting with every customer.  Customers appreciate it when associates take time to connect with them--to find out what they need, and deliver the service and quality selling they want and deserve. 



We make it easy for those with physical or other limitations to shop and get around at Macy's.  When a customer may need a little extra help in shopping, we encourage you to ask if you may be of assistance.  Some examples might include: 

  • Reading signs and merchandise tags to a visually impaired customer
  • Writing notes to help in communication with a hearing-impaired customer
  • Assisting customers in wheelchairs by reaching merchandise, taking merchandise to them or providing a flat writing surface to facilitate the signing of receipts.

Even though you may be charming and sincerely service-minded, there may be some situations where you're unable to assist a customer with a disability.  No problem.  Just call for assistance from a manager. 

If you work on the selling floor, you will learn how to deliver our selling standards that make Macy's a favorite place to shop.  Even if you work in another capacity, it's good to know that we have these standards.  If you work in a job where you have direct interaction with customers, you'll receive training on how to develop your MAGIC Selling skills so you can successfully interact with your customers.  We take our Customers First value very seriously, and we ask that you simply be aware of customer needs and respond in a kind and respectful way, whatever the situation. 



Connect with the customer in a friendly way.  Listen to what she needs.  Ask "Will this be on your Macy's Star Rewards Card?"  Continue to show interest in the customer and celebrate her purchase by reinforcing her decision to buy.