Substance Abuse and Drug Testing

Macy’s is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for its associates.   Accordingly, Macy’s has the following rules about the use, possession and sale of drugs and alcohol by its associates:


  The illegal use, sale, distribution or possession of narcotics, drugs or controlled substances while on the job or on Macy’s property will result in corrective action up to and including termination. In addition, alcohol cannot be consumed on Macy’s property and the use of alcohol during working hours or reporting to work under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited. The only exception to this principle is that alcohol may be served and consumed in moderation in Macy’s Food Division locations or at Company-sponsored events if such service is pre-approved by a senior executive.


  The use of controlled substances that are prescribed to you by a licensed physician or are available over the counter is not prohibited by this policy. However, if a physician has prescribed medication that requires any accommodation or influences your ability to perform your job duties, please notify your supervisor or a Human Resources Manager to discuss necessary and reasonable accommodations.


Subject to applicable law, Macy’s associates are subject to drug and alcohol testing when the Company has a reasonable suspicion that an associate has used illegal drugs and/or alcohol in violation of the above-described rules.